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(This photo by Dom Leamon.)


June 18, 2010


Live From The Classic City
Athens, GA



By Chris McKay



Before we started playing tonight, I looked around at the guys and said, “Hey, tonight’s a first. It’s our first time playing underwater.” That’s what it felt like. The set is nice and homey (though the paintings are actually pretty disturbing up close), but in the words of Monty Python, “It’s only a model”. Those walls could’ve fallen in on us at any second, which, granted, would’ve been a rock ‘n’ roll way to end the video shoot.

This little area is actually set up in an Area-51-like warehouse in West Athens. It would usually be cool to stumble upon a place like this, but tonight was by no description “cool”. It never got below 90 degrees in that room. It was stagnant. The humidity was close to 100%. Then the lights came on us. And we don’t tend to stand still. So we gave it all we had. A few times. By the end, we could’ve slid out of the building on Darling sweat.




We did a run-through, then played each song a couple of times to let them get everything set up just right. Then, we were on live. 

The little bit of footage we saw looked pretty interesting with us rocking out in a Southern Gothic living room. The audio recording wasn’t ideal. There was only one mic to catch all the drums. And we didn’t play perfectly by any means. After all, it was only Andy’s second time playing with us (and Josh’s 3rd time in this go ‘round). It is “Live From The Classic City”, though, and this was absolutely live.

When we finished, I was wiped out, dehydrated and had a racing pulse. I felt like something was camped out on my chest. As Liza Minnelli once said in Atlanta, “It’s like breathing in peanut butter”. We’d been at it for 2 hours by then.


I’m happy that Will and Dom kept us going. I’m looking forward to seeing the footage that they got out of it. I’m also hoping that I can convince Will will do an actual video for us one of these days. 

As for this shoot, I’m hearing that this live video shoot will be unleashed on June 28. I’ll keep you posted.


1. Phony

2. Scared Of Myself

3. Towel Cape Song


(Lather, rinse, repeat)

Thanks to Amanda for taking the photos and especially to Amanda and her Mom (who was in town visiting and dragged out with us) for rescuing us all by going out to get us enough ice-cold water to survive the shoot. 

‘Tis all rock ‘n’ roll.


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