Saturday May 2, 2009




Art Bar

Columbia, SC


An Evening With The Critical Darlings (Columbia, SC Edition Part 1):



An Evening With The Critical Darlings (Columbia, SC Edition Part 2):


Review by Del Branham



I arrived early to await the set and happened to recognize Joe from a You Tube video that I had seen of the band so I struck up a conversation. He seemed like a really nice guy and it’s a shame he's leaving the Critical Darlings. I really like the musical element he lends with his presence and his songwriting (“Rage On” is one of my faves off the new album.).

Joe told me the other guys were grabbing a bite to eat before the show so I settled down and listened to a band that was jamming some rock-a-billy. They had their stuff together and put on a great show, even casting a bit of doubt over whether the Darlings would impress me as much since I had never heard them live.

After that group pulled plugs, I saw Chris come in the door. It had been years. We had a nice little reunion, but Chris had work to do. My question of “Just how good is this band”, was about to be answered. So far, I knew they had made a good album but rock ‘n’ roll is really 49% music and 51% attitude. Did this band have what it takes?

Now all this gibberish above is to give you the state of mind I was in at the time. I was still skeptical, as is my nature. I have heard countless bands live and, in fact, have been in a couple.

I would like to honestly say that I was blown away.

Chris commanded the stage and everyone’s attention. He was like a puppet master with hands outstretched over the crowd making them move. The Darlings attacked the songs like rabid dogs. They laid waste to that bar.

This is not a pretend act. These guys are the real deal. They know their business and know it well! They grab hold of you and don't let go.

I implore anyone within traveling distance to make time to go out and see them play. It's an experience you won’t soon forget and surely won’t regret!

Rock on, guys!






Set list for the evening:


 1. The Only Way
2. Sometimes I’m Sam
3. Sadder Day
4. Towel Cape Song
5. Worms On The Pavement
6. Rage On
7. Phony
8. Waiting For The Siren
9. Happy Here And Now
Rebel Rebel (See below for live video footage!)






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Here are a few other commercials for the gig if you wanna check 'em out (courtesy of Roybone):



Critical Darlings, Art Bar, May 2, 2009 Promo 1

Critical Darlings, Art Bar, May 2, 2009 Promo 2


Critical Darlings, Art Bar, May 2, 2009 Promo 3


Critical Darlings, Art Bar, May 2, 2009 Promo 4













All photographs by Amanda McKay. Videos by roybone. Copyright 2009.