Sunday May 3, 2009


31st Annual Human Rights Festival

Athens, GA


An Epic by Joshua Harrison


After a night of video taping, rocking, gallivanting and thwarting off robot attacks, the Critical Darlings left the stage in Columbia with their rock power nearly spent, yet full of mirth. Being that Chris, our lead man, is a resurrected Norse warrior brought back in order to breathe life into rock n’ roll, he descended the Athens stage to reunite with his lovely companion, Amanda. They supped at the grand table of Valhalla to recharge their batteries after such a show. As it were, Frank and I had “borrowed” one of the golden shields that make up the roof of that great hall of Asgard to pawn for beer money. (We were planning to give it back!) But because of that little misunderstanding, we aren’t invited to such parties anymore. Instead, we spent the night at the house of Dudley, Frank’s cousin, in Columbia. The night was not over yet; neigh friends, it had only just begun. The beer did flow as the many debaucheries of a younger Frankalicious were relived. Some of these tales would perhaps make a libertine or even a Greek bath-house patron blush.



The next morning, refreshed or hung-over, we drove back to Athens to play for the Human Rights Festival. I have to admit that playing under a sign that reads “Stop All Wars” can be hard for a Norse warrior, especially for me, a Berserker in wolf’s hide. What made me feel at ease was the Native American shaman working the parking lot behind the stage. He had obviously been wounded fighting Iya, the chief of all evil spirits, because he wore his limp with pride. This shaman helped keep the rain away long enough for the Darlings to stay dry. The earth TRIED, as evidenced by the water that kept pouring off a tarp onto my drum set, but this man was superior. A few tacos and impassioned speeches later, the Critical Darlings took the stage. The Earth did not quake to pieces nor did reality shatter, but we put on a decent rock show. At first people were shy to come up to the front of the stage. However, by the last song there were tiny multitudes throbbing to the pulse of my drums. Here’s what went down musically…




Set List

 1. Sadder Day
2. Phony
3. Waiting For The Siren
4. Scared Of Myself
5. Happy Here And Now
6. Rebel Rebel







Click here for more pics of Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings at the Human Rights Festival in Athens.





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(Photo by Richard Hamm / Athens Banner-Herald)










All pictures by Amanda McKay unless otherwise indicated. Copyright 2009.