The Pretty Please

Sunday February 27, 2011

Live From The Classic City
Athens, GA


By Chris McKay

This shoot was craziness.

There were so many technical difficulties that it was hard to get through this day without going crazy. The Hammond organ kept
disconnecting and that alone took hours to try and get working. And then, when it seemed like the organ was fine, Ash’s guitar went out.

And then, my guitar went out.

So I will admit that patience ran thin.

That being said, we ran through the three songs over and over and over and every time we’d get a take, there would be another technical problem. As it turns out, only “Thicker Than Blood” was chosen by the director as without any major technical problems and even on the final, the Hammond can’t really be heard. Oh well, we still blazed through the tunes. I really hate that “Best Case Scenario” didn’t make the cut. We actually had a mistake at the end that I loved. Parker made a slight flub on the drums at the end and we ran with it. We went crazy and nearly had a WHO-style smashup. We just needed to get it out. And if I’ve ever been in a band who could tear everything to pieces, The Pretty Please is the one!


The Pretty Please Set List (February 27, 2011)



1. Thicker Than Blood (multiple times)
2. Girl Business (multiple times)
3. Best Case Scenario (multiple times)



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