The Spinoffs


Friday June 24, 2011

The Globe- AthFest 2011
Athens, GA


By Chris McKay

Tonight was more difficult than it should’ve been. Luckily, The Spinoffs are 4 professionals. The room was not the most appropriate for us and the P.A. wasn’t much better. We had help getting the best from it, though, and to that I must thank John Miley. Thank you, Sir.

Kathy’s tuner decided to go nuts so it took a little longer to get started. We had to play quietly enough that I couldn’t control my sonics as easily either. It’s a good thing that these songs can survive no matter what. It was nice to see people singing along with “Lucky Stars”. It’s featured on the current AthFest compilation album. I guess people do still listen to those discs!

“Stars Go On” appeared to get the best response of the night and it’s still (and will likely remain) one of my favorite songs on which I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate.

“Always” was done for the first time tonight. It’s an old song of mine, but it’s very, very different. This arrangement is all loose, intertwining guitars. It drones and pulses and goes wherever it feels. There’s no exact direction with it. We let it take us where it goes. That’s very unusual to me. I love how different this band is to all of the other ones of which I’ve been a part.

Bryan’s first Spinoffs tune came next. “Talk Of The Town” is a surprising turn for Bryan and for the Spinoffs. It’s darn near country. It reminds me of The Band and The Grateful Dead a bit. It’s a great story song and it doesn’t forget the hooks. This was the second of three first performances tonight.

“Wide Bicycle” was my turn again. It’s the same song as when The Critical Darlings do it, but it feels like something other to me with The Spinoffs. To me, this version is about the intertwining guitars and with the exception of the guitar hook, Kathy plays lead. It’s gets twisty, turny and fairly psychedelic.

We had to take out one song from tonight to keep everything running on schedule. Besides, Bryan had to get across town to play with The HEAP. I recommended we ditch “You Belong To Me” and rip out Kathy’s new hard rocker “Disposable”. I knew this one could be sloppy if it needed to be. It’s sounds straight from the garage and reminds me of The Stooges. It’s ugly. We made some noise. The crowd perked up and seemed to really dig it, too. I used my “explosion” sound at the end since we weren’t doing “You Belong To Me” and goodnights were said.

There were smiles all around. Our new drummer Tim Payne is perfect for the band. While I love the “winging it” aspect of The Spinoffs, I also can’t wait until the songs come into their own. Plus, we have a few new tunes in the wings. I hope it’s not another 6 month wait between shows.


The Spinoffs Set List (June 24, 2011)

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1. Lucky Stars
2. Stars Go On
3. Always
4. Talk Of The Town
5. Wide Bicycle
6. Disposable



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