Saturday December 12, 2009


The Independent

Auburn, AL


Review by Chris McKay

  The Independent is one of the most supportive and kind venues we’ve ever been lucky enough to play. Every time we hit The Independent, we’re made to feel special. To be playing there with The Pinx only made it sweeter. 

  By the time we got there, Amanda and I had dragged ourselves from Tuscaloosa to Auburn. Exhaustion was certainly a factor for an out-of-practice traveler, but we wouldn’t let it slow us down. When we got there, Frank and Josh had already arrived in the freezing rain. They told us tales of their post Egan’s adventures replete with window sills used as beds and some phenomenal culinary experiences.
Every step of the way, our Pinx compatriots looked out for ‘em. 

  This show wasn’t nearly as crazy (or borderline out of control may be more accurate) as the night before, but it was solid. It was more about music tonight. Those in attendance actually listened. Post set, I had a nice long conversation with one guy about the subtleties (and the subversiveness) of the dissonance I’ll occasionally work into these “pop” songs. 

  We managed to pull a few more songs that had been cut for last night’s gig. It wasn’t exactly the best way to end Josh Harrison’s time with us, but there was not a thing wrong with it. I wish we could’ve done more of a blowout ending for him, but it is what it is and the calendar dictated that it be this way.

We’ll miss Mr. Harrison behind the drums. So we said goodbye to 2009 and Josh Harrison, even though we didn’t know for sure at the time. Maybe that’s for the best. 


I think this was the set list. If not, it was close.

Set List:


1. The Only Way
2. I Know Too Much (For My Own Good) / Jam

3. Into My View / Unseen (??? - Not sure)
4. Sadder Day
5. That Excites Me
6. This Is The Night The World Changes
7. Pepper / Jam
8. Save It For Another Day (??? - Not sure)
9. Happy Here And Now
10. Worms On The Pavement
11. Waiting For The Siren
12. Scared Of Myself
13. I Won’t Stand Still
14. Phony
15. Towel Cape Song


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All photographs by Amanda McKay. Copyright 2009.