Directions for how to order using :

We can only accept PayPal orders over the internet at this time.

Remember, merch is sold at shows, too!!



If you have a PayPal account

If you do NOT have a PayPal account:

1) Login to

2) Select the "Send Money" tab at the top.

3) In the "To" blank enter

4) Enter the TOTAL for all CDs and/or T-Shirts you'd like. For Example: 2 CDs ($20) + 1 T-Shirt ($10) = $30

5) Hit "Continue"

6) Ensure the total, your shipping address and method of payment are all correct.

7) In the "Email to Recipient" field at the bottom, you MUST enter which and how many you'd like of each product. For T-Shirts, please include what size you'd like as well.

(Example: 1 Satisfactionista CD, 1 Small Buddha shirt and 1 Large Thoth shirt)

8) Click the "Send Money" button and you're done! We'll ship your order out as soon as possible!

1) Go to and sign up for a "Personal Account."

2) Once you've associated a bank account or credit card with PayPal, you're ready to start shopping!

3) Log in and follow the steps under "If you have a PayPal account".


Please email if you have any questions.