Chattanooga State

Wm. Alexander

August 29, 2005


Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings





All the way from Athens, GA Chris McKay and the Critical Darling came to Chattanooga Monday to help the city’s best college and alternative rock station, 91.5 WAWL celebrate it’s silver anniversary.
The trio is a power pop act with good songwriting sensibilities that not only had the kids digging their sound, but the administration as well.

The band that admits it doesn’t know how to classify their sound, are definitely not your typical Athens, GA poser band or tribute to Michael Stipe.
For an hour they played to the sparse crowd that “braved” the hurricane to show up in the college’s cafeteria.

Look and sound of the band is very much power pop. Think of The Knack from the Get the Knack Days or Material Issue from the Destination Universe era. Slick sounds, hummable chorus and a semi-Brit-pop look, Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings dress to impress and are a band to look for in the future.
The band is a throwback to the way rock should be played – with enthusiasm and showmanship, as well as crisp and inventive writing. The band can be heard on WAWL, which is airing two tracks off the upcoming release on September 13. Or if you want to find out more about the band go to www.criticaldarlings.com.